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About Us

Metabolomic Discoveries is a Metabolon, Inc company. We are offering concepts and solutions for complex biological questions. We are experts in high-resolution comprehensive metabolite profiling of any biological material. Our aim is to accelerate your research by combining analytical and big-data approaches.

Industrial Biotech

The use of microorganisms and mammalian cells for the production of small molecules, enzymes, antibodies or other molecules is widely employed. Our metabolomics platform allows to optimise media composition and supports metabolic engineering strategies to obtain higher growth and yield.

Health and Nutrition

Novel medications and formulas for pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries can be faster developed and improved through metabolomics. Studies can render new findings regarding the mode-of-action of specific compounds and monitor toxic by-product-accumulation and side-effects on the organism.

Food and Agriculture

Define flavour profiles and nutrient compositions of any food or beverage, match them to consumer sensory data and improve nutritional value and flavour. Take advantage of metabolomics to understand the underlying mechanisms of plant characteristics, like yield, shelf life or disease resistance.


We combine metagenome sequencing of the gut microbiome with metabolite profiling and short-chain fatty acid analysis. Correlation analysis on the combined datasets reveals relationships between ruminal metabolites and certain microbial species. This approach is key to understand the role of the gut microbiota.


Our Team

Our team offers highly professional service and outstanding biochemical and bioinformatical expertise.



Metabolomic Discoveries introduces Kenkodo, a metabolism based body tracking tool. Nothing responds faster to lifestyle habits than the metabolism. It is also comprehensive: metabolomics measures more than a 1000 compounds in a single drop of blood at once. That makes it the perfect tool to track a person’s health condition. Kenkodo empowers people to positively influence and predict their wellbeing. The application goes beyond fitness, optimising performance and finding the right work-life balance. It's also about identification and detection of pre-disease states and consequently about disease prevention.

The Metabolism Based Body Tracker

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The Technology

Our scientists analyse all known and unknown metabolites in a sample using state-of-the-art technologies, namely a high- throughput GC-MS system and accurate mass QTOF coupled to a UPLC. We offer customised solutions and adjust our methods depending on the sample and the compound class of interest. Due to the large variation in physical properties of metabolites we employ different extraction and separation protocols.





Our Services

We offer global metabolite profiling and fingerprinting using GC-MS and accurate mass LC-MS/MS technology in parallel. Our leading metabolomics platform employs accurate mass, high-resolution mass spectrometry. This allows us to provide precise metabolite analysis.

Comprehensive metabolite profiling

This technique allows the detection of compounds with known and unknown structure. The non-targeted analysis of biological samples makes use of all the unidentified peaks in a sample. This can give new insights in metabolic changes between biological samples and could eventually lead to knowledge that can be used for the identification of biomarkers and to uncover the underlying mechanisms of phenotypes.

To study the lipidome allows important insights into cellular processes and bioprocesses. The lipid composition of human samples proves relevant to the understanding of diseases and mode of action of bioactive ingredients (APIs).


Targeted metabolite profiling

Targeted analysis is used to detect a set of known metabolites. This can be a very specific subset of metabolites or all known compounds present in our database. We can adjust our metabolite profiling protocol to the preferential detection of different chemical classes, lipid, polar or aromatic compounds.

We are currently measuring a wide range of compounds, including vitamins, carotenoids, short chain fatty acids, sugars, organic and amino acids.


To study the lipidome allows important insight into cellular processes and bioprocesses. The lipid composition of human samples proves relevant to the understanding of diseases and mode of action of bioactive ingredients (APIs).

Central Metabolism Quantification Profiling

Quant50+ enables the absolute quantification of metabolites from central metabolism, nucleotides (e.g. ATP/ADP) and reduction equivalents (e.g. NADH, NADPH). We are currently measuring 52 compounds involved in energy metabolism. More information

Flavour Profiling

Flavour profiling enables the identification of components that are relevant for aroma and taste. Our Flavour Profiler™ platform provides information on relevant flavour components and off-flavours. It employs mathematical models to identify characteristic flavour metabolites for specific flavour attributes. The platform integrates sensorial profile data and matches this with metabolites. This tool is also an excellent platform to screen for novel flavour metabolites. Click here for extensive information about our Flavour Profiler™ platform.


With our Ionomics technology we can measure non-organic or mineral elements in a biological sample. As Ions play different important roles in the cell it might be recommendable to include ionomics to solve your research question.

Flux Analysis (Fluxomics)

Tracking and tracing the flux of metabolites thorugh metabolism is done using stable isotopes, like 2H, 13C or 15N. Our stable isotope toolbox allows us to elucidate pathways, bottlenecks, side-routes and by-products. Read more about flux analysis in our Newsletter of March 2013

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